At our centre we can offer an extensive selection of examinations for diagnosis and prevention in a wide range of medical issues. It is our aim that you undergo your examination with as much information as possible.

We use the most modern and highly efficient medical technology currently available. We can thus carry out magnetic resonance imaging examinations, a gentle procedure that can be used to assess the widest possible variety of illnesses. Or using the DXA procedure we can determine your bone density, allowing us to assess your risk of bone fractures or the progress of your osteoporosis.

The result of our work are presented as formal findings to inform your referring physicians of the possible causes of your ailments. These radiological findings will allow your GP or specialist consultant to come to the right diagnosis and to identify the right therapy for you quickly and securely.

You will normally be referred to us by your GP or specialist consultant as either a privately insured patient, a patient covered by occupational injury insurance or a self-paying client. Naturally, you can always come to us on your own initiative for a preventative examination.